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A4Tech KR-85 Keyboard

The A4Tech KR-85 Keyboard is a reliable and affordable keyboard with a standard layout, comfortable typing, multimedia hotkeys, and durable construction for everyday use.

Asus GT620-1GD3-L

Unlock immersive visuals and reliable performance with the Asus GT620-1GD3-L. Elevate your computing experience with smooth graphics and versatile multimedia capabilities for everyday tasks and casual gaming.

HP K1500 Keyboard

The HP K1500 Keyboard is a reliable and affordable option, offering comfortable typing, a spill-resistant design, and a compact layout for efficient performance.

Logitech K120 Keyboard

The Logitech K120 Keyboard is a reliable and affordable peripheral with a spill-resistant design, comfortable typing experience, and whisper-quiet keys. Perfect for work or leisure.

Nvidia GTX 750 TI 2GB (256 Bit) Graphic Card

"Experience immersive gaming and powerful graphics performance with the Nvidia GTX 750 TI 2GB (256 Bit) Graphic Card. Enhance your visuals and enjoy smooth gameplay with this high-performance GPU."

Redragon Centrophorus M601

"Dominate the gaming battlefield with the Redragon Centrophorus M601. With its precise tracking, customizable DPI settings, and ergonomic design, it's the perfect gaming mouse for competitive gamers."

Sony WH-XB700 HeadPhone

The Sony WH-XB700 is a wireless headphone model that combines impressive bass performance, long-lasting battery life, and comfortable design, making it ideal for music enthusiasts seeking an immersive listening experience.